My First BarCamp Experience – BarCamp JB 2010

I attended my first BarCamp at my hometown – BarCamp JB last saturday. It is unusual to have a geek event like this in JB, I believe We need to special thanks to @mcavenue@alvinSJ to making this event come true in JB.

It is my first time joining a BarCamp, that’s why everything in the BarCamp  consider a new experience for me. Some of the session like “Lighting Talk” and “Powerpoint Karaoke” is very interesting, I still wonder what is “warewolf” session about and I hope i can give the cash flow 101 a try next time.

During the different session , I m impress with some  BarCamper with really good public speaking skill , I also admire those speaker which are slightly weak on language but willing to express and share their knowledge.

The best part is meet up with @hongster in the BarCamp , having some one you know to discuss among different session is more enjoyable than going to the event lonely, he share about his recent mobile development experience too.

Nice to meetup and chat with some of the BarCamper about different tech thing, I have added a few on my twitter, but I feels that I m easier to break the ices with geeks in Malaysia event compare to Singapore event, I wonder why ?

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