The “Shit” moment of Laracon

First of all this post is just for laugh, nope this is noting against Laracon , is just that When I read about Laravel Forge, I love it but at the same time the same scene appear in my mind.

If you are frequent reading WWDC live blog , you will know that when Apple release some new feature , @marcoarment will tweet that <startup name> : “Shit” , all these started from Apple release some feature on safari which similar to Instapaper.

So for the new shinny things release by Larave, which startup will say ‘Shit’ ?

these are the first 3 startup that come into my mind that will say ‘Shit’ when I saw Laravel Forge, but of course Laravel developer might be very small segment for what these Startup chasing.

Anyway can’t wait for the Laravel Forge open on monday and see the performance reports compare to others, for myself I really love to see how does it compare to server manageed by ServerPilot’s.


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