5 important things for a geek event

So far i only went for WordCamp and Google devfest this 2 geek event this year, but I feel that this 5 things are important for a geek event.

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Food – best to be in buffet style, lunch box really not our type of food, I would say the food during WordCamp is great but this might be the different between paid and free event

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Wifi – Multiple Wifi is a must to handle lots of connection, very often the live tweet of these geek event is complaining about the connection.

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Coffee – most of the geek like coffee, the event place should have starbuck or coffee bean near by and allow geeks to drink while listen to all the presentation, one of the bad experience I have @ Google Devfest is you are not allowed to drink in the hall, due to lack of coffee , I can’t really concentrate on the presentation.

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Power cord – Most of geek will bring their laptop and most of laptop after turn on Wifi can only be use for 2~3 hours , providing enough power cord for all the geeks to recharge their laptop is really important.

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Links for all the presentations during event is really important , so far it seem like none of these event is providing a collections of links for the events, example the one i do for Google Devfest.

Share with me if you can think of any other important thing for a Geek event.

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