Welcome back The Netsetter

Today , One of the Envato’s blog relaunch , after being quiet for some time, The Netsetter is back with new design , new direction and better content.

I still remember when I first read about The Netsetter last year, almost every post I will bookmarked and save for re-read , I remember the blog start by @Collis sharing lots of tips about how he manage his online business and his startup but the blogs slowly become quiet this year, which could be due to Envato fast expanding that keep @Collis busy  ?

The New Netsetter is about enabling you to make a living online and Make Money Online, don’t mistake it as those spam blog out there which trying to scam your money, I believe The Netsetter will be a blog that teach you how to make money online by putting real effort and do it yourself.

Lastly, I want to recommend one of their relaunch post, AdSense Placement Tips: Where to Place Ads on Your Website , some of the ads placement that mention in their blog post is quite matching with what I been testing  on my blog recently, it really improve the ads performance.

Welcome back The Netsetter

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