MSN 8 !

Just saw someone having extra invitation in their blog, after i leave a comment there, i getting the invitation !

for the quick try since just now, don’t really see any “special” feature appear, but it seem the interface now looks better and give me some web2.0/ajax feeling .. lol it might be because i read too much web2.0 news already, you still can’t hide the shortcut on the left … btw i still wonder is call MSN 8 ? or Windows Live Messenger ?

Share it with your friends, thanks !
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  • romel

    espero lograr la descarga y pueda usar me imagino q debes eatar buenazo este este mess. live

  • Justin

    It would be great if you would send me an invite please. I love participating in beta software.

  • Knight

    Invitation sended to Justin and Joona,
    Sorry Romel, i don’t understand your msg and Failer, sorry that it need to be hotmail address..

    my invitation is finished, pls wait for the next batch.

  • Knight

    Failer, sended

    i getting 4 more invitation from m$ anyone ?

  • brandon

    I would like one if anyone has some left thanks in advance.

  • Knight

    sended ..

  • sAsUkE

    w0o0o0ow cand you send me too one of those invites for live msn?? i`ll be very happy if you do it pleaseee!! 😀

  • Yong

    If possible can i have an invite too? Thanks in advance…

  • nan

    er sorry keppucc at hotmail dot com

  • Serkan

    Hi there.

    My e-mail is [email protected]

    If you have any invitations left, could you send me 1 ?

    Thanks from now. Take care.

  • i downloaded the version 8.0 and i need a invite to use it for my business i would be greatly appreciated if you could send me a invite please i beg you


  • niñita

    send me one please!!

    [email protected]


    PS: excellent blog!!

  • Knight

    Yong, Nan,Serkan, Mingdao and Owen Sended,
    ninita read the prev comment you need a hotmail account for this

  • jad

    can u plzzz send me an invitatio:)

  • Knight

    Sended to Jad and Carlos ..

  • Knight

    sended .. invitation finished

  • cone

    It would be great if you would send me an invite please. I love participating in beta software.

  • amos

    Do you still have some invitations?
    Could you please send me one, thank you very much!
    my e-mail : [email protected]

  • Knight

    2 more invitation sended to Nasna and Cone

    Farrukh, Amos, Maple B and April will be in next batch invitation