Yahoo Alerts Strike 3

this might be a bit outdated and i wonder why i blog about this ,it might be because i saw some yahoo alerts related news ?

i thought its a new service , but it seem like its there for sometime, just that recently it added rss feed update alert , so i did some search on this topic and found that Google and Msn both also having alert service. compare to Msn alert which quite lack of content, google alerts which seem quite static, Yahoo alerts seem like doing quite well.

Not only support standard email alert, it support yahoo messager alert and even mobile phone alert strike 1, it work closely with all the yahoo service, which mean you can receive alerts about your yahoo mail or even your yahoo 360 related information, this strike 2 and the strike 3 it able to work any rss feed, or those feed that you subscribe through My Yahoo …

hhhmmm i wonder when the alert to cell phone service will reach asia ?


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