iShop 2nd Birthday EDM Bugged

I wonder is iShop checking their EDM activity ? if they did i wonder did they notice that this EDM seem like doesn’t perform very good ? the simple reason is you can’t view their 2nd Birthday EDM on IE, give it a try by using IE to view this EDM, i believe it shall return blank on both IE6 and IE7.

No doubt that firefox is getting more market share but create an EDM that can’t view under IE doesn’t really looks good. Example for myself , sometime i will need to rush some EDM, i might not check the logic on page by page, but at least i will show each page on IE to make sure at least is viewable. Now the problem is not just because of css isse and make it show slightly different under different browser, it’s totally nothing show under IE, which mean the person that design this EDM never ever load on IE to see once, assume that the person that design this is on Mac platform, but i believe at least you need to check hows your EDM show under IE.

So what cause this ? i drill int source to take a look, this happen because there is <style> tag accidentally key in before close of head tag, this is the reason it stop the IE to load it.

The EDM i believe it’s out for few day, this is wierd that no fix has been done, is either none of the people report ? or there are no one checking the performance of this EDM, Your target is not just mac user or firefox user, your target should be everyone that surfing net.

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