Back To Work

Happy Chinese New Year to all my reader, base on the Chinese Lunar Calendar today  1pm is one of the best time to “Back to work”, Since this is my first year having my company, I just follow these traditional rule to gain blessing for my business.

Credit to Otso Flickr's Image

Yup, you read the above correctly, I have quit my current job and register my company. So what’s my plan for my new founded company ? for now I m just aiming on custom php application and might move forward to mobile application, this might seem hard since I don’t have a well written proposal but I believe lots of founder learn while they kick-start , if you waiting forever for the plan , you might just end up staying at the same place for the rest of your life.

I m glad that my wife is fully support me for this , before I leaving, my previous boss giving me lots of advice too. I receive lots of  encouragement from friends also and some friend event recommend some jobs to me already , I m really appreciate of all these help.

Since my business is different from the traditional model , I will just publish this post as action of “Back to work” , now I m still quite sick , just to struggle and get up to write this post .

Happy Chinese Lunar New Year and ” Kai Gong Da Ji” ( means that good to back to business ).

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