Back To Work

Happy Chinese New Year to all my reader, base on the Chinese Lunar Calendar today ¬†1pm is one of the best time to “Back to work”, Since this is my first year having my company, I just follow these traditional rule to gain blessing for my business.

Credit to Otso Flickr's Image

Yup, you read the above correctly, I have quit my current job and register my company. So what’s my plan for my new founded company ? for now I m just aiming on custom php application and might move forward to mobile application, this might seem hard since I don’t have a well written proposal but I believe lots of founder learn while they kick-start , if you waiting forever for the plan , you might just end up staying at the same place for the rest of your life.

I m glad that my wife is fully support me for this , before I leaving, my previous boss giving me lots of advice too. I receive lots of  encouragement from friends also and some friend event recommend some jobs to me already , I m really appreciate of all these help.

Since my business is different from the traditional model , I will just publish this post as action of “Back to work” , now I m still quite sick , just to struggle and get up to write this post .

Happy Chinese Lunar New Year and ” Kai Gong Da Ji” ( means that good to back to business ).

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