Freelance Report November & December 2012

I didn’t blog about the monthly report last month , so I guess this will be dual month report again. Nothing much changes for this 2 month , although quite a few enquiry coming before I went to honey moon, but after I come back none of these project actually kick start.

Freelance – for the past 2 month, the main project is the custom CMS that I build on top of Laravel , in the middle project I rewrite almost 70% of code to build a better structure CMS , it totally worth it the extra time I put in, at least when I demo to the user, I can tell they are quite impressed for it. One of the 2 year ago project has recently saw the performance bottleneck, I guess I didn’t make a good choice of tools when I build the site, currently planning how to rebuild it to be able to scale nicely.Getting a front end work also , need to mess with quite a bit JavaScript and Internet Explorer, it’s quite a painful experience, but I find it quite interesting at the same time.


  • Laravel – I have better understand on how it work and start to answer some question on stack overflow
  • Fabricjs – using it to do some interesting effect but having quite a bit problem on IE8, but it working fine on IE7
  • User have general misunderstand IE9 support html5, but in fact IE9 support quite limited html5 feature also , example drag and drop for file upload doesn’t work on IE9 due to the file api.
  • The github 404 page have some interesting effect call parallax , the interesting is those single page site which keep sliding also call parallax.

that’s pretty much what happen for this 2 month, I will have post a 2012 review for my freelance business.

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