Freelance Report September & October 2012

Decided to put the past 2 month freelance report as 1 because of nothing much happen on September and I went for 2 week vacation during October. I pretty enjoy the 2 week vacation and without any interrupt of work, but I did feel something is not right for having such a long vacation, it’s been quite a while I can really just relax without thinking of work, it also pay for the hard work for the past few month effort that I can really enjoy the vacation without much concern.

Freelance – Working hard on a big project by using Laravel, although slightly late from the target date but everything still under control, there are quite a big of enquiry before starting for my vacation, but nothing really confirm until today , some time I just wonder if I didn’t go for vacation, will these enquiry become a deal successful ? anyway hopefully the next 2 week will have some good news.

Learn – Pretty much focus on Laravel.

At this point of time , end of 2012 with less then 2 month,  I m pretty much knowing that this year biz  is a lot better then last year, but I have set another pretty high target, hopefully it can be hit within this year and I guess maybe I should start planning for next year.

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