Freelance Report Aug 2013

I do plan to post this in the early of Sep , but all the projects pop at the same time , which explain the delay of this post.

For the past few day I been sleeping like less than 5 hours in the night and try to steal 1 or 2 hours in the evening for a short nap, It’s been a while I have so many things pop in one go, it’s tired but at the same time I feel happy, I feel the focus I been looking for a while, I like myself now better than a few month back which is quite slacking. But I know this cannot be long , it will become a burden , I better get ready to take a break after all these work settle.

So what happen the last month ?

Freelance – Main focus are still on the Laravel 4 based CMS which take out most of my time, launched a WordPress based e-commerce site , working on another WordPress based selling e-course site.

Enquiry & Deal – 2 project ( one full suite member shite and content pop for  a micro site ) are still negotiate on the pricing and another 2 project are still on discussion.

Learn – Laravel 4  , Woocommerce , Sensei

Project – working on 22 something ,I been planning for a directory site,  I have release 1 WordPress plugin , finish reading a book , learn about using webhook and api and convert a theme for WardrobeCMS .

I going to pause the 22 something for this month , since I been swarm by work out of sudden and the main project has been push to release early , so for the whole sep I going to put in more effort to get the project ready , beside that a few smaller work pop up too, some of these work are follow-up from previous projects and some are from previous customer, hopefully after Sep I can readjust the workload and continue with the 22 something.


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