Freelance Report Sep 2013

September is really a tough month for me , last night is the first night after so many week I have an early sleep, not because I got no work to do but because the headache is back.

For the past few week , I been working until 2~3am in the morning , have a short nap wake up around 7am ~8am and continue, most of the time will take an evening nap for 2 hours, so many things happen at the same time, new project starting, old project wrap up, draft contract for new project, chasing the old project payment, I m glad I m still survive but base on the current situation, most likely it will be the same for October.

I m busy and tired but at the same time I kind of enjoy this too , it push me to focus , although some time I just feel like throw down everything and take a break, but most of the time I will feel “yes, another one down ! “, I guess is  a price that I pay off for having my holidays too early , I miss during May the holidays month.

So What happen the last month ?

Freelance  – Continue on the L4 based CMS, Completed a Selling E-Course WordPress project, Complete a jQuery Mobile project, build a new plugin for a client’s site which i think might worth to make it a premium plugin later on

Enquiry & Deal – 2 WordPress Project , an Inventory management system and another e-commerce project enquiry , only 1 jQuery mobile project is confirm and kickstarted.

Learn – Laravel4 , Sensei , WooCommerce, jQuery Mobile

It might be so funny just when I mention Freelancer should give some space to upgrade yourself and I start to become so packed that I got no time for any self-improvement, the main reason is by end of the year or beginning of next year, I might be extremely busy and might not have so much time to work, that’s why I need to really to push myself limit for now. Work Hard, Fight Hard !

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