5 things that Evernote iPhone apps need to improve

I like evernote service a lot. i have the windows version at my office, mac version for my home’s iMac , windows mobile version on my Treo and iphone apps version for my ipod touch. So this is some of the rant about the evernote iphone apps.

  1. It’s very troublesome to tag note as favourtite – evernote is not viewable in iphone apps during offline , unless you tag the note as your favourite note. So how you do that ? you need to go in a note , wait for it to load then you can mark it as favourite, there are no mass marking available and the desktop version of evernote application doesn’t support this.
  2. It always ask for using your location – there is no setting for you to control this and it will keep ask you “Evernote” would like to use your current location ? “
  3. You can’t edit the note that havent sync – let you you write a note, click done and wait it for sync, suddenly you think of something, but you can’t edit the note if it never sync
  4. Only 1 note list can be view in offline – i understand not all notes is store, but let say if you are viewing on one particular notebook , after you offline , there is no way for you to navigate to other notebook to see what notes you have, it will only pop up “Error communicating with Evernotes server”
  5. Lastly there is a bug on pending screen – pending note with no note pending image showing at the same time


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