Enable Google Analytics for my AdSense Account

I been trying to find a way to measure how my adsense perform, the income might not be a lot but i would to find out what can be optimize, i believe i saw some news before that Google will linked your analytics account with the adsense account in order to provide stats for your adsense, but it’s been quite some time and it seem like the account linking link never show up in my adsense account.


So after doing some research, it seem like there are user suggest to fill up a form that show on adsense official blog, some people worry that might be a trick because the form is build by google doc, but there are some positive reply that user getting the linking feature after fill up the form.So i give it a try and i getting the links appear on my adsense account after two day.


I have just complete the linking process, it’s just a few click only, it seem like the results will only tell after few hour, if the adsense is tie to your main analytics profile , it seem like no javascript code need to change, if is tie to other profile, you might need to modify the javascript code that adsense generate. So fill up the form today if you want to analysis your adsense by analytics.

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