Find My iPhone is free now

Yes, with the release of 4.2.1 firmware, Find My iPhone has become a free, just register a mobile me account , download the iPhone application from iTune and you are ready to use.

So what is Find My iPhone ? some of the features are

  • Locate it on Map
  • Display a message or play a sound
  • Set a passcode remotely
  • Remote wipe

All these features are really helpful when you lost your iPhone and try to recover it and if you fail to get it back , at least remote wipe out your personal data. If you have upgraded your iPhone to 4.2.1 firmware, download the application now and go through some simple setup , it is recommended to have this feature turn on for your iDevice.

Find My iPhone now is free for iPhone 4, iPad, or 4th generation iPod touch only.

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  • I tried, but it seems like not able to trace my current location. hmm…guess the map api not through google map? Haha… perhaps only work with major countries like Singapore

    • mmmmm share location is on ? should be ok ler

      • Ya it is working, but have to make sure everytime before close the app must log out, imagine someone open it and click “Swipe” then your iOS data will be erase…

  • the maps seem like take some time to sync, my first time also take a while ..

  • It worked with 3GS also, just that you need to activate the MobileMe account from either iPhone4/iPad/iPod touch 4 first.