Relook on my twitter account value

By the time some of you saw this blog post, you might find out that i m not longer follow your twitter account , because i have just done some clean up on my twitter account.

What happen is for the past few week, my twitter account been follow by lots of people, i getting notification for new follower daily, so in return i have follow most of the follower too , unless the whole twitter account like a spam account, i follow most of my follower.There is time i hope that maybe by this increasing speed, i might become like some of the twitter power user , having 20~30k follower and follow another 20~30k user.


But today suddenly i m thinking about this whole issue, after all these sudden increase of follower , what did i gain ? by looking at lots of conversation which not really concern me or interest me, do i really gain anything from these ?How am i measure my account value ? just by follower number ?

i miss the old day when i only follow some of the user, at least i m on track on most of the news and there is more direct interaction, for now most of the time i looking at those big shot power user talking on twitter, seldom have chance to saw what are my friend tweeting.

Other then this , most of my follower or those that i follow after find out they follow me, are people like marketing expert, seo expert , enterpretuer , social media expert which at this stage is quite meaningless for me and i have no actual value to them beside adding another digit on their follower number.

By end of this post, i going to start clean up my account, unfollow those meaningless account for me , i m sorry if i wasted your effort to follow.Happy Tweeting.

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