Google Task is Live

I blog about Google Task and how it integrate with Google calendar, this interesting feature finally become an official product, Google just mention Tasks graduates from Gmail Labs . Although Google Task is from Gmails Labs , but i think it more like a standalone product, it allow to integrated with some other Google product which make it more interesting.

  1. Integrate with Gmail – it will be like Google chat windows, display at the right hand corner for you to create task, if you don’t like it you can show it as pop up
  2. Integrate with Mobile – tested on ipod touch and windows mobile phone, as usual it looks perfect on mac and looks sux on windows.I only hope that there are native apps appear in app store google-task-iphone
  3. Integrate with Calendar – This really help for Google Calendar’s user, at least we can just concentrate to manage everything on the calendar view. google-task-calendar
  4. Integrate with iGoogle – This widget support allow user to manage their task on iGoogle, too bad it seem like other dashboard like netvibes still don’t have any module to support this. google-task-igoogle

I might give Google Task a full try to see does it able to replace my Remember The Milk, lets see how this will work.

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