Is your blog meta description showing properly?

This is one of the major problem for my blog for the past few week, i finally resolve it and i m thinking to share it with others.


So how you check meta description ? try “site:<yourblogdomain>” in google and it will return how google index your blog,  as you can see on the above image, the result of how google index my blog, in stead of showing proper description of the page , it show my menu.

Since i m using wordpress , there are quite a few plugin out there which can help you add individual meta description on each blog post, example all in one seo pack or platinum seo pack , so get either one of this installed.

After i installed the plugins, my meta description remain the same, so i post on google webmater groups to check with other seo expert. So some expert advice me that the main reason my blog meta description doesn’t show properly is because i have 2 meta description.

Some of the blog template is putting your blog tagline as meta description in each page, which are the main reason of this issue, so i configure the blog tag line showing as meta desciption on main page only, when individual post, it will be hide and now my meta description is display properly in google index.

Tips : if you just did some changes, wait for google to crawl it again, using cache: is one of the good way, you can see the cache version and make sure your changes has been cache, if your changes has been cache but meta description still having problem, then more changes is required. Google cache results is the same like Google site results.

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