Ajax WordPress Theme is Out !

I been away for 2 day just came back from jb and i found the ajax wordpress theme – bloxpress is out !

if you want you can download it  or play with the demo  and don’t forget to join in the domain list if you plan to use this theme.

so far i think the theme is quite good, it can be drag and drop all the block , drag some service example like flickr and notes to put as a block on the themes , the whole theme seem like an application, but the downsite its i feel the theme seem like on heavy load, i think that might be due to lots of ajax at the background.

P/S i just try this theme on this blog and it seem not so heavy load as compare to the demo i try, but this raise another question, it the theme heavy load due to lots of visitor ? althought not so heavy load but i believe it should be able to be more lightweight ..

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  • Its one cool theme, but a little slow loading. Right? I played it with the demo though.

  • Knight

    Ya i have the same feeling, thats why i say it seem like having heavy load ..
    its a bit wierd because i try the demo before release which is quite ok speed.. but don’t know why after offcial release the theme become heavy load

  • cool theme.. 😀

  • Tried and tested it, they got to tweak the code. A little heavy loading on the edges. AJAX does that.

  • I’m running it on my blog and haven’t noticed any heavy load. But maybe it’s because it’s a blog I just started today.

  • Jeffrey

    Wow so cool! I love AJAX 😀

  • king

    Lo-ve-ly! 😀

  • mehrdad

    very good

  • Very good theme

  • The AJAX is heavily employed throughout the theme website. As a matter of fact, I am very concern with the load that is being used to run those JavaScript. However, I’m utterly impressed, especially with the drop-down list.

  • The Ajax wordpress, is very good…