Another Task Management service that appear in my google reader that getting my attention is HiTask , simple reason because i like the logo.

I would say HiTask is good for simple project tasks management, for people that need to handle multiple project him/herself also suitable. If you are new into web based task management , i would recommend you on this.

  • on the left you will have calendar view which indicate those dated task , you can hide this if you don’t like
  • on the right is your team member, which you can hide it also, if you are on your own
  • by default it split into 5 category, Task, Meeting, Reminder, Note and Birthday, each with different setting, example Birthday you need to know the date only, Note is not require time and date, Meeting will have starting time to ending time.
  • You can still grouping by color, project, date and user, example for Project X might be include 2 meeting, 5 note and 1 task .. ( thats why i say is good for project management)
  • interface is user friendly , just drag and drop in btw grouping
  • last at least there is icalendar feed support

a little bit disturb might be those adsense on top, but doesn’t spoil the whole interface too much, what i wish to see maybe API ? mobile version ? reminder send thru email /SMS ?


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