Todoist for Group , Welcome Wedoist

Todoist is always the minimalist to-do list that I love , I m using for some personal project management , but it lack of some group feature to allow team collaboration, which make it hard to become a project management tool among teams, that’s why we have Wedoist now , from the same developer of Todoist – amix .

What is Wedoist ?

Manage your projects with Wedoist and improve your productivity and collaboration

Think about Todoist with Team collaboration feature and added project management feature.

Wedoist Features

Wedoist allow you to manage your project in very simple way by 2 things , the status and task, there will be rivers of status and task, which allow you and your team collaborate on projects, when you having a status like ” how should i design the user interface for sign-up page” , your team-mate can just comment on it to give you some ideas. When your team-mate complete a task , you can see it and follow-up.

Other then the status and task , Wedoist is having group live chat feature, I haven’t try it yet in the process flow but I guess this feature come in handy when you trying to discuss with your team mate who to assign the task on the fly.

Email Digest seem like a standard thing in the latest web applications , there is this Daily Digest feature on Wedoist which alert you about activities of each projects. It will send you 8am in the morning , if there is activity happen previous day.

Price ? Free

Wedoist adopt the freemium business model just like Todoist , you only pay when you need something added , out of the basic service. For Wedoist , you can just upgrade to the Pro Account for $5 per month , in return of  5GB of the file storage  and change the style with your own logos and colors.

How you can make use of the file storage ? when you create a task , you can create with attachment, let’s say you can attach a screenshot  to get the developer fixed some bug on IE browser ?

There are no restriction on users, tasks and lists for both Free and Pro account. It sounds like a good deal to me.

Things to improve

Since it just launch not long ago, there are some thing to improve.

  • a consolidate dashboard to show everything from different project
  • a calendar
  • allow to set the timing of digest email

Give it a try and let me know what you think ?

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