Try out Feedly, need more improve

It’s been sit in my laterloop for sometime, finally today i spend some time on it and give it a try – Feedly. So what feedly does is building a more social+magazine style start page by combining your feed with some feature .


I like it in the first place, then i start playing around, uninstall-reinstall-uninstall-reinstall again and i get fedup. It will be nice if …

  • Integrate with google reader is a nice feature, but if feedly won’t change my feed structure arrangement in my google reader, that will be perfect, it change all the feed under one category, which mean if i using google reader without feedly installed , i will be damn lost.
  • Uninstall feature is a must , i think it started with some mess , until the uninstall feature is ready , although it did revert back my google reader setting , but it doesn’t reset the one on my feedly.
  • No way to clear all the feed, even i try to uninstall and reinstall, those feed that port from my google reader is still remain there
  • So because of this issue, i don’t want to import my netvibes feed, for more testing, at first i thought this might be replace my netvibes’s feed part, so that my netvibes won’t take so long to load, but think i can only give up this


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