5 reasons to buy Envato 2010 Birthday Bundle

I m a big fan of Envato . I bought the Envato Birthday Bundle last year and now the new Envato 2010 Birthday Bundle is back. Before they announce on what will be the bundle with , I already decided to buy already , because same like Macheist bundle, most of the time the bundle will be really a good buy.

It is slightly late when I blog about this , the Envato 2010 Birthday Bundle will be expire in 2 days time , if  you haven’t decide , let’s hope this post can convince you. I mention about 5 reasons why I bought the bundle last year, I will follow the same tradition and list out the 5 reasons why you should buy the 2010 bundle.

  1. This bundle includes of 4 premium tutorials , which use to open for Tuts+ network subscribe member only, by reading these premium tutorials and understand the quality content of tutorials, this help you to decide whether joining the Tuts+ network for $9 a month is worth the value or not.
  2. $10 off for any Rockable Press Ebook, there are a few ebooks which is highly recommended like Rockstar WordPress Designer and How To Build a Successful Blog Business .
  3. $50 Media Temple Voucher, Media Temple just release the new (ve) server , using the $50 voucher you can have a free trial of this latest release.
  4. There are around 5~6 items included from the 7 market place each , example the included WordPress theme OPEN is selling at $30 normally.
  5. If you been hanging around at most of the Envato’s blog and benefit from all their tutorials or session creative , you should buy this bundle to show your support.

Group Discuss: Did you buy the Envato 2010 Birthday Bundle already ? if yes what are your favourite item in the bundle ? if no what are the reason that prevent you from purchasing ?

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