So the calendar is out

Google Calendar MenuI saw this news on my rss feed that day ” Google might be launching Google Calendar tonight ” , althought is day time in singapore but i guessing the service might start already due to different time zone, so i fire up my firefox type in .. some setting and the next moment i m facing the Google Calendar already.

It does give me some good impression like 30boxes on first sight , a big calendar view as main page , so i start to play around with this calendar, what i found is ..

  • the bubble to quick add event is cute
  • i can import both malaysia and singapore holidays calendar to plan my schedule ( i wonder why good friday is not public holiday in both calendar )
  • you can actually plan an event by using create event feature, it allow you to invite guest by email too
  • there is some reminder feature, but due to outside of US, only email reminder as an option to us
  • you can use different color represent different calendar, example i have blue for life related appointment and orange for work related event
  • you can share your calender with others, those on your gmail list , their email will show once you key in their name
  • you can set an calendar to be private use only or public which allow list in search engine
  • ical and rss is provided for individual calendar

this might be a big challenge to all the calendar service provider, even myself are thinking to switch, but i would like to see more integration between Calendar and Gmail, at least i can switch between this 2 without open a new window.

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