Fight Spam? Use Bad Behaviour

My personal blog not really that popular , buts it still attract quite a number of spam .. until recently which is getting worse, no time to blog for about 4~5 day , few thousand spam is waiting me to delete ..

I using spam karma2 to protect my blog, althought the spam comment wont appear, but it still consume quite a lot of bandwidth and it takes time for you to clean up, combine with spam karma2 its bad behavior version 1++ which seem never block the spam access.

So i take some time to research on bad behavior , wonder any latest release update or not, but in stead of update version, what i saw is bad behavior beta 2 , since i quite confident for my php debug skill, i install this plugin immdiately

after i installed , spam stop coming in .. if you also have the same problem recently , give it a try.

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  • Everyone is reporting large increases in the number of spams they received since the last week. Fortunately Bad Behaviour 2 is blocking most or all of it. 🙂