Thunderbird 2.0 – reclaim your inbox again

Thunderbird 2.0 is release, you can start to reclaim your inbox again !

These are the new features which you can find on their website , what i like is the Message Tagging, which allow you to tag your email, which is the same like labeling your email in Gmail. The rest are pretty standard improvement, it seem to me the spam fighting , Phishing Protection all these feature are still continue improve.

Oh not forget it support adding Gmail account in very easy step, you can just add the gmail account without knowing all the pop, smtp information but i will think this feature should be extend to most of email service out there ?

I have my attention on it because just before this official release, i saw a blog post that describe how to sync thunderbird2.0 RC1 with Gcal ( Google Calendar ) , with Lightning and Provider this 2 addon, you can sync your Gcal 2way ! Sigh when i trying hard to find some plugin which allow me to sync outlook with Gcal (avoid the paid version and looking for free or open source) , Thunderbird has did it easily with just 2 extension!

On top of it you can sync Thunderbird with Pocket PC (Windows Mobile) with paid option by using BirdieSync or FOC option by using FinchSync , too bad there are no solution for syncing with Palm, i think Thunderbird Dev team should put sync as one of the important feature for future roadmap, this might attract more potential users.

Let say for myself, i got no choice to use outlook because it can sync my phone ( pocket pc ) and my pda ( palm ) without adding any additional cost.

p/s before i forget one of the issue for syncing the Gcal with thunderbird, you must always stay online, it is not working in the way you did it offline first then sync later, one of the suggestion is using GCalDaemon in between Thunderbird and Gcal until provider plugin is fixing this issue.

ThunderBird Sync Gcal

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