Better Gmail Better Experience

I always heard about how people using Greasemonkey on firefox to create a different UI experience, but i never really give it a try, simply because sometime is too troublesome ( you got to install the Greasemonkey addon first, then follow by different purpose of Greasemonkey script ..)

Lifehacker has release a Better Gmail extension which suitable for us this kind of lazybug, it is a all in one extension, which install one adon and everything is there. Some of the feature which i like is

  • Conversation Preview – allow you to preview what is this email about, before you click on it to read
  • filter assistant – allow you to base on an email criteria to do filtering
  • Saved Search -you can save a searching criteria (just like Remember The Milk Smart List), there aresome pre-set Saved Search example TO-DO is for all the email that you haven’t read
  • Unlabelled – this is nice, which allow me to select all the email that haven’t label so that i can do some sorting

Better Gmail

there is a theme call Super Clean which build in this extension, which i don’t really like it, maybe is just my taste, i still prefer the gmail’s original theme. If you are gmail heavy usage user , maybe you should give this a try.

Better Gmail Clean

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