What to sync ?

I been spending lots of time to actually get everything organize, trying to apply the GTD in my life to make myself more productivity, thats the reason why am i looking for a good task management service recently, i will settle it with Remember The Milk and here come my second headache issue – Calendar.

Why i like web service is because basically as long as you have connection you can access your service but for sure there are some time you can’t find any connection, or you only able to get connection for a while , thats why sync/synchronization is very important.

The Holy Grail of Synchroinization this post give me lots of idea, too bad i can’t really get Schedule World working and putting all the egg in one basket seem danger. I visual my whole syncing with Gliffy


so what i have ?


  • Work Calendar ( outlook ) – this will be my main calendar which include all my work related appointment
  • Other Calendar (outlook) – this will be multiple calendar on my google calendar, example like my web project calendar, my personal calendar which i don’t like to mix all in one


  • Outlook XP on my working notebook – lots of plugin/software doesn’t work with this version and i can’t avoid since is pre-set by company
  • Multiple calendar seem like not support on both windows mobile and palm


  • My notebook – running on Windows XP
  • My PC – running on Windows XP
  • My Phone – Treo 750v running on Windows Mobile
  • My PDA – Palm TX running on palm

ok this is roughly hows the setup, i going to post about the solutions i tried.

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