How to sync ?

This is a continue post of What to sync , just want to share some of solutions that i tried, i m trying to get the whole thing done without extra cost or below $30.

My original idea is using Gcal ( Google Calendar ) as the main , i sync my work calendar from office outlook to Gcal, my mobile ( 3G ) and my palm ( WIFI ) sync direct to Gcal too, for home pc i can open to different solution like thunderbird, outlook or some other application to sync with Gcal.

For sync Outlook with Gcal

  • gyncit – it’s only $9.99 USD, but i can’t get it work on outlook XP, the trial version is annoying by keep popup the register windows
  • syncmycal – $25 USD , working on outlook 2003 & outlook 2007, the trial version not allow scheduler sync and only allow you to sync before 3 and after 3 day appointment – my pick !
  • remote calendar – open source solution , working on outlook 2003 only

Since outlook XP got so many limitation, i was thinking maybe i can switch to Thunderbird ? anyway thunderbird support Gcal quite well . But my first problem will be – how am i going to sync with my phone ? Windows Mobile is by default work with outlook, but i found these

Sync Thunderbird with Windows Mobile

It seem like no choice i better stay on outlook, unless i can get FinchSync work and i can get thunderbird to sync with my palm !

# outlook 2007 support subscribe to ical, which mean you can view the Gcal on your outlook. But its only one way, i was thinking to use Gcaldaemon for outlook 2007 to be able write on Gcal but fail !

Some other Desktop Solutions that work with Gcal

  • Calgoo – currently beta, allow to sync with outlook and allow to sync with gcal but it can sync one calendar with this 2 at the same time
  • Rainlendar -$15 EUR , if you want to be able to sync with outlook and network share calendar, it seem like can combine of Gcaldaemon with FinchSync to get Windows Mobile and Gcal work together

Some mobile syncing for my phone & pda

  • Oggsync – $29.95 yearly , if you need the default calendar mapping and scheduler sync feature, this is for windows mobile only
  • GooSync – $19.95 Eur yearly,if you need multiple calendar support, it is something like a web service, which you can configure through the web based, tons of device is supported
  • Gcalsync – open source , running on jvm, which i always cannot get it work on my palm & mobile
  • Gmobilesync – free , but i can’t get it work also, for windows mobile only
  • SyncMyCal Mobile – $25, yes it’s the same tools for outlook sync with Gcal, same condition apply without register or plus minus 3 day appointment can be sync.
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  • Thanks for the mention. We are in beta with an Outlook sync as well, there is also a stable build available. (Mobile and Outlook now.) $29.95 for both (That’s $14.98 each!) 🙂

  • SyncMyCal is my recommendation. I use it on daily basis and I know that those guys have a superb support team (I know them personally). I was one of their first users if not the very first.

    And with the mobile version out, they are expanding their product.

    They will even have a version that syncs with 30Boxes soon (as mentioned on their blog:


  • Calgoo


    Thanks for the mention.

    Just so you know we are working towards two way synchronization with Outlook and Google. Keep your eyes peeled.



  • Knight

    1. OggSync – Yeah nice to heard that you got a bundle sale

    2. Vaibhav – ya no doubt synmycal is one of the good product but too bad they dun support outlook xp yet

    3. Calgoo – i think might be a bit tough to work on that direction ? will you still open another calendar apps when you have outlook ? Just a thought

  • Calgoo

    Hi Knight!

    Short answer is yes we will.

    We can not show too many of our cards right now, however as we continue to develop Calgoo Calendar I think you will be quite pleased with its direction.

    If you have any thoughts or ideas please make your way to our forum ( and let us know – we love user feedback and do our best to incorporate as much as possible!

    – Calgoo

  • I’m working on a FinchSync Client for PalmOS, PocketPC, Symbian right now. The main development focus is my Palm Treo 650, but so far it also works with PocketPC (WM5 and WM6 – tested with the MS-PPC-Emulator) plus Symbian based Phones like Nokias 6630 and the N70 (tested on real hardware).

    I’m just starting the communication to the server (FinchSync 0.80), so it will take some time until this client is ready to be used.
    I may release a public test version in the near future to see on which devices the communication works.

    This alternative client for FinchSync is based on SuperWaba. SuperWaba is a Java-like Language but it uses a different API.
    Compared to the “official” FinchSync client the SuperWaba based client starts much faster!

    To see some screenshots of my client go to my website and select “Projects” and then “Smartphone/PDA”:

    Kind regards!