Moving Your Blog Plugins

I think one of the most headache problem for  blogger is to move their blog to a different domain. A lot of thing that you need to concern if your blog is having some sort of status in the blogsphere.

  • how to people find me ? if they come by searching that index my old blog?
  • how to people find me , if they bookmarked my old blog url ?
  • how to i make sure that google is still giving me the same page rank for my new blog?

most of the people will use 301 perm redirect and htaccess for redirect old url to the new url, this can resolves most of the problems but require technical knowledge to do it, i happen to found this plugin which able to help you moved your blog without any technical knowledge.

what you need to do is, just activate the plugin and enter the new url, everything done !


p/s i will be soon using this @ here and migrate to a new domain,although it seem a bit risky for this page rank 5 domain, but i would like to give it a try.

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