Get your local email

I believe so far for m$ product i will only blog about the live series service, thats the only thing that getting my attention from m$. I saw this on Liveside , you can register your local email now.

I got my login long time ago by some unofficial method,since today seem like open for register, i try to register another but it seem like the registration will having some error message on the last step, i suspect it might block non-US ip to register a account. So far testing on working perfectly ok.

One of the service that provide, in case after you get your account and would like to use it as primary account, you can use the TrueSwitch service , what it does is copy all the contact and emails to your new account and notify your old email account’s contact that you switch over to new email account.

If you want to maintain 2 account, in the profile, allow you to have links live ID, which can link your diffenret id ( example or ) into one account, example if you try to register Office for coporate account before, you actually need a windows sign-in to do it, by using this feature , you can combine multiple id for different purpose under one account.

I was thinking by using proxy or  openDNS , can i register a account ?

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