Social Widgets, Netvibes’s answer to OpenSocial

I blog about opensocial is the next big thing ? When Google official announce about OpenSocial not long ago. I mention in my blog post that opensocial remind me netvibes’s UWA ( Universal Widget API ) and now Netvibes has reply

netvibes uwa social api

It seem to me netvibes is planning to follow the wave of OpenSocial, not only just purely follow , they want to take a lead in this area. Example the apps that you create not only working in different social network through opensocial, at the same time through the Netvibes UWA, it will be able to spread to different platform – social widgets.

Another interesting thing is Netvibes’s next release  – Ginger which added quite a number of social features, does it try to be a social start page ? or this release is affected by OpenSocial ?

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