Tatarah – from Lowest Unique to Highest Unique

I been follow ‘s news before their launch, because the whole idea sound very interesting & challenging and i really wish to see how it will growth in singapore here. This is initial how it works, will be release some item , who ever bid the item with lowest + unique price will win the item, of course there are a process fee that included in each bid which are no refundable, this should’s income.

When people ask me , how does this site work, i will say is just like buying toto, it depends on your luck and if you want to try your luck better start early, for this type of model later should have more restriction and control, if you got chance to win, it is at the beginning.

After the site start the business, i believe after a few day, the site was down and into maintenance mode. On 8th Nov i receive an email from mention that they will be reopen for auction on 12th Nov and it change to highest + unique price to win, what a dramastic change.

What i guess is during the down time , these might happen that cause the changes

  • The method they use similar to “gambling” site , might be warn by some people ( police ? sg polls ? )
  • Not enough market research , after first round of bidding , realiase the method they use doesn’t bring in much profit
  • All these are marketing strategy, their original idea is using highest +unique , they using different method and create a lot of hu-ha , just to get more eyeballs on them

One thing that i find out is on the starting of bidding that day ( 26th Oct ) , the flash banner about the car winner is up , this make me wonder is all the winner fake or real ?

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  • Optimus Prime

    Real or fake they have to create some gimmic to attract people’s attention. If I’m not wrong, even the zap-code website’s performance was revealed by some researcher to be from just a ‘handful’ of users who kept sending messages to push up the performance.

    Why don’t people just be honest about what they’re selling? By the way there’s a new site competing against mocca & st701 at What do you guys think?


  • Knight

    erm my first thought is “cannot make it”

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  • Ralph

    Hey Guys,

    The concept of lowest unique bid can work and does in many other countries. You can try it now in Singapore by checking out Unlike Tatarah the lowest unique bid will win… The bidding fee is also lower and you can get 3 free bids on sign up and even more if you invite friends to join or simply blog about the site.

    Unlike gambling or a ‘lottery’ all bids are transparent in your member control panel so you can always see the status of you bid and decide if you need to bid again.

    Try it out and see what you think..