Unable to visit any site

For the past few day, i was enjoy the public holidays and leave (friday) at home, but i realize something , during afternoon time as a starhub user , you can’t visit any web site.

My guess is might be the dns server issue, because my gal and my brother is playing MMORPG without getting affected and only when i try to surfing, most of the time is either keep loading or lost connection. I m not sure is this related to starhub capping international link or not but for sure this is quite disturbing

Today same thing happen again, but what i did is change my dns to OpenDNS , the moment i apply the changes, the 3 web site that i keep reloading , straight away loading and display, no i m not visit some xxx site or what, what i try to load is picture on flickr and some blog thats all. Sigh i think better ask my bro to jump ship.

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