Scrybe – the waiting seem like a bit too long ?

During my google reader cleaning process, one of the service pop in my eyes and capture my attention, ya i m interested on the service that’s why i subscribe the corporate blog of it, but it seem like there are no news for a period already , it raise a question to me , is the service still alive ? it is still under development ?

The service or rather say the product is call Scrybe , i can still recall when the time it announce , it’s like so impress and there is even a product video on youtube which capturing a lot of attention, after a while other calendar product keep poping out , but not this one , it some time still announce some exciting news like offline access or the thoughtpad, but it seem to me every exciting feature after some time , become a common feature that every where you can see , hmmmm ….

anyone get the invite and still using it ?

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