One of my web development habit on windows is , i like to open notepad this tiny program to standby, why ?

The reasons are sometime when working on some of the project or debugging some of the work

  1. there is always this piece of code you might need to repeat
  2. you might need to repeat to copy-paste some function/work
  3. the code is too long and you just want to slice is out to have a good look .

so this is when notepad come in handy,i been trying to looking something similar on my mac, 2 day ago i still using textedit for all these kind of work , but i found a tiny application today – sidenote and it meet most of my requirement.

It’s look like a tiny application and just sit at the side of your monitor, when you mouse over it and it slide out from the side, some basic feature include like change color , change font for each note, every note that you create can be base on time stamp, on top the select menu allow you to swap between different note.

this is what i need something simple and straightforward.


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