Looking for a web service

I been looking for an online planner/planning/organize/goal setting service that meet my requirement, it should include of notes , todo list and can be separate by subpage/sub category with ical/gcal features.

Similar type of service

  • Backpack – the pages part look great, meet most of my requirement, the only thing is the pricing, if they allow to let me replace the storage with more pages, i will really consider to take them
  • Zoho Planner – another almost meet my requirement service,the only problem is the ical feature cannot split by different pages/tag/category
  • Stikkit – service that meet all my requirement, but it seem like the dev team is focus on Sandy , lack of reply or adding new feature, users are complaint about these in the forum

Todo service that similar feature

  • Remember The Milk – this is what i currently using for GTD , 2 small problem is you can’t just create a note without attach to a todo and you can’t verw everything in one page with their own category/tag name. I m struggle in the situation shall i place all my egg in the same basket
  • Todoist – my second favourite todo list , it fix the 2 problem that i have in RTM but without ical/gcal feature, worst come to worst i might just write a small plugin for this ?

Hard to decide , final round should be Todoist vs Stikkit

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