Tatarah again

I blog about Tatarah – from Lowest Unique to Highest Unique  not long ago, today i got a sms from tatarah inform that starting from today their bidding is relaunched.

So what those the new features added to replace the old model ?

  • your bid must be highest & unique, if none of the bid is unique, the first person of the highest bid that have lowest number of bidder will win.
  • introduce bid price limit which seem like 50% of the original price. so you cannot bid over this price.
  • you are allow to view the last bid price

The whole process sounds like more transparent, in stead of like bidding toto like that need some luck, now you can sit down there and do some analysis , what are the price can win this bid. Maybe my guess #1 on my prev post is correct ?

Another strange thing that i find out is seem like lots of people don’t know the bidding method has changed ? because i still saw a lot of super low price, example for the canon camera, latest bid is $0.46.

Argh ! what if they just get some internal people to bid it ? example for this camera max bid is $150, they can get their own people to bid it on $120 ? so the rest of bidder if want to win, must be bid higher then that price ? Tricky eh …

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