The Terminal

Yesterday went for this movie with my gal, both of us want to see “The Terminal”, at first we are booking 2pm show, but too bad we cannot make it, then we book again on 6.40pm, this show do worth the wait.

its basiclly about tom hanks been stuck in a air port, and the thing happen when he is in the air port. there is part which make u feel want to cry and there is part that will let you laugh non stop.
Imagine when you not understand english and can’t speak good english in a english speaking country..

i think another sad part is the love btw catherine and tom hanks …
actually certain part of the show, its abit strange, example why that female police accept the ring so easily… but all this wont really become a big problem for the whole show…

i rate this movie 4 out of 5 star… its a must watch show
The Terminal

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