My KL trip !

Friday was singapore public holiday, So i went to KL for a short trip its 9:30 am bus, but till 11 ++ , the bus start the proper journey – First lesson never take bus from my staying area, it need to go a few station b4 it get into the highway so basiclly 4+ i just reached KL and it start raining .. , after meeting my gf and finnaly we able to check in the hotel during 5+ * ya thats the first reason why i come to KL , to meet my gf and wish to travel KL so the first nite we went to KLCC , because it just opposite my hotel + btw Corus hotel its not bad and i get stuck in the bookshop, it has so many chinese computer related book but it also so expensive, i keep 2 magazine there, been thinking i will come back for it, if i cannot find these book cheaper at other plaza + yup i prefer chinese computer book or magazine the second day was bz !

but i meet my GUM site admin at low yat plaza , which seem like another sim lim square to me * yup my second reason to KL , to meet all these admin, they been request to meet me for long timeeeeee after having some chit chat with my admin, and some planning for the GUM 2, i went ktv with my gal and her friend the third day meet one of my friend for breakfast together , after having some chit chat and breakfast, we went KLCC again – damn hotel breakfast cost me $36++ for my additional friend i want to buy those 2 magazine which i keep on second day, but i only manage to found one .. – a good lesson that dun always think there is better at the end .. else u might get nth went to bus station at 12:30pm, sigh it was a sch bus .. its no the VIP bus which i normally took .. but its fast 3:30pm i reached jb already, but my butt is quite pain due to the uncomfortable seat and it takes me 2 hour ++ to reach sg home .. – never never come back on sunday on evening on end of holidays .. it horrible

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