Another april fool – World Of Starcraft ?

I just hope that this another april fool , blizaard is going to release their new MMORPG – World of Starcraft , the preview is up on gamespot , the screen shot is there also , the only thing that make this whole thing a bit fishy, publish date of article is on april fool ..

i wish this game is out, i think most of us gamer which play starcraft before would like to give it a try in the starcraft world, but i worry i will lost my social live too, just like the time that i spend on World of Warcraft ..

World Of Starcraft

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  • Ciano

    LOL u can’t speak english! LOL!

  • Knight

    lol i m sorry for that i still trying to improve

  • KleppeMeister

    Ciano, haha, you cant either. lol, and u…. who learned you that? Your teacher? should get fired. Just complain at me, but then youll need to show me your norwegian, german, russian and spanish

  • FreznoBob

    Ciano is a prick and has added nothing to the conversation, must be American.

  • Detective


    Not “who learned you that.” Who teached you that.

  • STFU

    Actually it would be “Who taught you that?”


  • OKPeople

    Can we talk about the actual thing now instead of the level of skill the writer of the article has in the English language already? Jeez.

    Anyway, yeah the whole thing is probably an April Fool’s Joke. Too bad, because if they did make a WoS, I’d so play it.

  • Knight

    lol, yeah i will be join in if they release too, just wonder what mode will it be in FPS mode ? since playing marine still FPS mode better

  • OHcaN

    This is definitely a hoax. Blizzard is doing too well with WoW. They’re not going to make something like this. Haven’t some of you already noticed that blizzard hasn’t been releasing any games lately? These guys are going to first try milking out on WoW and then they’re going to make something else so they can milk out of that as well. It is either a hoax or they’re just showing a preview to build up some hype and then release the game years from now.

  • Senninkai

    I hope it is the ladder, i love Star Craft.

  • joseph

    Who taughted you how to spoke?

  • Tehshadowofchaos

    i should be:Who tauhgt you how to speak.
    Anyway…The screenshots are either photoshopped or there is a mod for WoW to make it WoS running on a private server…

  • TaT to All

    Hello ppl well Blizzard has published about new upcoming game in 19 may 2007 so what do you all think game to be and i m also cant speak english well and stop common about that lol.

  • Knight

    Yeah i also saw this news, lets hope they really release the news of making world of starctaft on 19 May 2007

  • Actually

    There is a Starcraft Title being announced, it is neither Starcraft 2 nor is it World of Starcraft. However it is being based on the Starcraft Universe. this was announced by a Blizzard Rep.

  • GamingGirl

    It IS real, and I’m definitely going to play it.

  • insane

    i’ve seen like 2 people on here speak decent english

    however, there is no definate announcement if the new game Blizzard is releasing is even relatively realated to starcraft, though i personally hope it is

    i also hope someone on here will understand a true english speaker-jk

  • MaxImusB

    I wish this was true… sigh… World of StarCraft has such a ring to it!


  • Anonymous

    Apparently, you are not one of those two people you commented on. You claim to be a “true english speaker” but you neither write properly in the English language nor do I suspect that you speak English properly.

    “i should be:Who tauhgt you how to speak.”
    I believe that you went to a public school, in a small town, based on the way you wrote your attempt at a sentence. I believe you may have intended to instead have written “It should actually be: ‘Who taught you how to speak?'”. Although you may actually have made an attempt at being a jackass, referring to the rest of your post, I do not believe so.

    Who taught you how to use the English language?

    So, since you also do not understand the English language we have to prove to you that we are culturally deep? Well then, although I may not have the background you request, I am a military brat and am currently serving my country in Afghanistan at this time. I am from German, Spanish, Cherokee Indian, African, Irish, and Greek descent, at least as far as I can trace back to in my family history. Not only is my family history a link to multiple cultures, but also my military background and current life allow me to visit many places you will never have both the joy and fear of having to visit in your lifetime.

    You should not be making fun of this young man or woman for making a very impressive attempt at writing this article in English so that a larger audience was able to read it. You should not be making fun of someone who is attempting to learn a second, third, fourth or in some instances up to a tenth or eleventh language.

    @Everyone who finds Knight’s English skills funny.
    The fact that Knight is learning an additional language whereas most of you do not even know how to speak and write well enough in your native language to make a statement that anyone else is able to comprehend is something that merits being laughed at for.

    Now, on to the subject at hand. This was in fact an April Fool’s joke at the time of writing the article but at this time in the Gaming world, it may be a very real possibility.
    The URL to the Gamespot article, through a Gametab link where I got my information and linked to this site, is as follows: . As of right now it is still in the Gamespot rumor control section but in a matter of days we should learn the truth or falseness of this April Fools Joke “prediction”.

    I have no further comment, except that with every passing day, I lose more and more faith in the future of this world that the youth will be creating for future generations to occupy.

  • 20070517 at 14:05

    That was pretty much the stupidest comment I have ever read. You have to much time to be able to craft a such a long rant about every post in a retarded-to-begin-with thread.

    I feel dumber having read it, and/or having even visited this site.

  • 20070517 at 14:05

    e.. and since grammatical attacks is the only weapon in u asonal:

    e.. to == too

    (just bought a new keyboad and the “” key doesnt wok)

    do not want!

  • HEYo

    Well its Starcraft 2 they annouced…probably a WoS in the next few years

  • lol so easy to find its fake

    like my name said its so easy to find out that this was fake. look up a couple of pictures some resemble stuff from wow but most stuff are from the game that no one knows of called starcraft ghost. heres the picture , go to link
    and the one of the far right is concept art. its a cruel joke making us hopeful starcraft fans fill with anxiety until we find its a joke.

  • El Pollo Loco

    Sooo. It wasn’t WoS, they are going to release SC2. ~English is my second language, but I think I can speak it fluently enough that you can understand it.

  • WoS

    hope they release WoS after sc2 =D

  • Noobs!

    Well, it seems very possible, and very likely.
    Not to mention that there would be no real problems to speak of except creating a melee weapon for the marines.
    Hydralisks could use clwas and spit, and dragoons can use their photon blasters. classes could be fairly easy to make for them, and with starcraft 2 coming out soon, i believe that there will be additional races to add to the mix.
    Though… WoS in’t very catchy like WoW is…

  • Noobs!

    It wouldn’t be WoS at all, remember that this is space based
    It would be:
    GoS-Galaxy of starcraft
    UoS-Universe of starcraft
    PoS-Planets of starcraft
    SW-Starcraft worlds

  • WTF is wrong with u ppl

    they wont bring out world of starcraft or any MMO of starcraft all there other games are still way to popular DA… i no ppl who still play StarCraft 1 so (.)(.)
    ) (

    ohhh and 20070517 if ur ” key doesnt work how did u type “

  • post before mine

    the man who wrote the last post is an idiot by all means sc is still so popular that i assume there are so many sc players waiting for sc 2 and if there is gonna be sw or gox or wos or whatever than there’s gonna be so much player’s as I or you especialy YOU couldnt count and if you think that old games are bad games then whats wrong with you asshole

  • Doom

    For the love of who ever you worship would you please stop bitching at eachother. It’s probubly an april fools joke but either way.

    1.) Starcraft 2 Will be amazing.

    2.) I wish they would just release Starcraft “Ghost”.

    3.) A World Of Starcraft would be fun as hell but I think it’s long off.

  • john lailah

    Why is there so little blizzard games???I wish there was like 100 more.But i bet WoS will be really cool.

  • Sam

    Not one of the dozens of comments correcting other people’s spelling and/or grammar actually manages to go a whole paragraph without any spelling and/or grammar mistakes. If you’re so hell-bent on correcting others, at least learn to spell check what you write.

    As to World of Starcraft, sounds kinda dumb. Three measly races? I can just imagine playing as a Zergling – spend first ten levels as a larva, without being able to do anything. As of level 10, you can actually move for about 30 seconds before the computer takes control of your char and that of 60 other players and sends you all to your deaths as zerg rush cannon fodder. As a bonus, every Zerg starts as part of a guild (or “brood”). The downside – you can’t leave and your guild leader is a big eyeball.

    Also, Kerrigan doing the night elf poledance would be hella funny.

  • videojames

    I think when they DO make a starcraft mmorpg, it would be called something like starcraft universe or something.

    ps. thanks for making me check my grammer now >:( (though I still think i missed some grammer errors)