Can’t SSH ?

I can’t SSH to my VPS for the past 2 week and trying very hard to resolve it, i email my vps support, search through google and even bring to office to let my office Mac guru to help, but still can’t connect.

if you happen to

  • just change from starhub cable connection to singtel adsl connection
  • getting the singtel 2wire modem with firewall feature
  • your vps is not on standard port 22 for SSH

then you will be same like me having problem to connect, even some time you manage to connect , but within few minute, your session will be hang. First i doubt is my mac issue, so i been tweaking the setting for ssh_config then i thought is my vps issue, but my vps confirm no problem and i can use putty to connect and last i think about firewall and i did the port fowarding but it still cannot work.

Finally i saw some user comment in a forum, the solutions is just restart the modem. Yes just restart it by go in the management page through your browser and click on restart modem ( not sure power on off work or not) and now i m able to SSH without any problem, sigh !

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