New Macbook Pro and Macbook release

Yes, until now the singapore apple online haven’t up yet but from the US apple store , we already find out what are the new product Apple is releasing

i heard lots of rumor about the new macbook pro and yes this round they release the new macbook pro with Multi Touch, come with better processor ( penryn ) , better dedicated card with 512 MB ( for more advance version ), hmmmm after this version of macbook pro release, i wonder how much $$ my macbook pro still worth ? For macbook series, what i realise is just small upgrade , mainly on the processo, thats pretty much.

Understand that seem like new imac might release on march , shall i just get a refurbished set now ? or wait for the new release ?

Update 27 feb 08 – the most surprise thing this morning when i check on apple sg store , the macbook and macbook pro’s price drop , for  $3k+  you can get the multitouch macbook pro already compare to previous release the entry level macbook pro cost around $3.5k, other then this macbook series ‘s pricing also drop , the cheaper macbook now is $1688 which is $100 ( ? ) sg dollar cheaper, this make me wonder, shall i get the refurbished imac ? what if the new release imac is the same price of my refurbished imac with better spec ?

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  • acidz

    The MacBooks had a processor, RAM and HDD upgrade. But all have nice prices, especially the MacBook Pro!