No matter how gifted you are,you alone cannot change the world

Quite a meaningful quote from the movie i just saw , L – Change the World ( official site in japanese ) , i watched both Death Note & Death Note 2 before, although this show not really related to Death Note, but it still on my 2 watch list.

So the whole story is about how L using the remaining 23 day , if you can recall he write his own name in the death note 2 , in order to expose kira , within his last 23 day, he save the world again from some virus. Some of the friend mention this movie not that nice before i watch it, but after i watch it, i think as long as you take this show as a stand alone show, this show is actually quite ok , people might be disappoint because they thought they can see death note related thin.

Anyway i will rate this show 7.5 out of 10 star , worth it as a week day movie.


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