I m waiting for WOW

Yeah ! i m waiting for WOW, what is WOW ? its a MMORPG ( something like what i play last time Final Fantasy Online), the full title its call World Of Warcraft.

If you are real time strategy pc games lover, you should know about starcraft , warcraft series and you should know about the company which have build all these legend – Blizzard

WOW is now offcial launch in us/aus area, in singapore and malaysia it seem like some game shop is going to sell in this few day, there are some tricks for you to create the account to play after you bought the game, because now is only open to us/aus ppl, so other country address might be invalid when you trying to create account, search more info on google.


The class & Race then i might choose Tauren’s Druid
Tauren Druid

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  • Saffron

    Knight, I just calculated the total price (starter kit + monthly fees), too expensive for me to play. 🙁

    *cry cry cry*

    I got my hopes up tim, this world is not nice to live in la.

    *cry somemore*

  • Saffron

    Time I have plenty, it’s the money that I lack.

    I dedicate my life to the pursuit of mindless entertainment.

  • Saffron

    Eh, I have to eat ler. Also, I have to go shopping. I see the cute little tops in MNG and my brain screams, “BUY BUY BUY!!”


    You all play first, then when I’ve saved enough money I join, and then can leech your exp. Muahahaha, parasite. :p

  • lol i believe we all need to wait..
    sg here no more stock 3 more week later the next batch will come

  • i got wow so hahahaaa

    i got wow andf it rox gt a lvl 32 troll hunter and is name is clanfear and a bloodelve hunter named tanriel go hunters !!!!!!!