Death Note 2

I just finished watching Death Note 2 a few hour ago, Its better then what i expect ..

Although i haven’t finish the whole series of comics, but i roughly know which is the last name on the death note, the whole show is combine of funny ( there are certain part every one in the cinema is laughing ) , sexy ( both female char in the show got some sexy pose ) and the most exciting part is the mind game between L and Light ..

This show worth every single cent that i spend on it, 8.5 out of 10.

Death Note 2 2

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  • angel

    this was a good movie except the ending i did not want light to die.

  • blackzcatz

    i also dun wan light to die!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!>.

  • AngelCrazy

    anyone that may tell me where / how i can get to see both the moive 1 and 2?
    the serie is so f~ing awasome, but in my country they dont show this kind of moives on cinema nor sell em in store =(
    i anyone know where to download / order this in english sub or dub please gief a tell ^_^

  • proteusz

    The movie’s were very good , coompered to the series I expected more, there’s only one thing that I trully disliked that’s the end sond somehow it doasent fit there.

  • sara

    i love light im realy wanna to kiss him he is sooooooooo cute