Goodbye Google Reader

It’s a bit too late to say this ” Goodbye Google Reader” , thanks for the services for the past 8 year, it should be one of the longest web services I using other than email.

I always believe I start to know more and learn more after I find out what is RSS and thanks for Google provide this wonderful services that allow me to getting all these news update easily. Just like most of the user, I don’t understand what’s the factor Google choose to close down this service, but I believe  as closing down this service, it allow the RSS/Feed market to start innovate again.

I believe we saw quite a number of alternative raise for the past few month and lots of apps has been pop up non stop , there are lots of app release update to support all the new feed service, it’s been a while we see so much happening in the RSS field.


For my self , I been tried out Feedly for a while but don’t really happy with it and currently I m testing on Feedbin, as a developer I believe some of the service you need to paid , don’t be the free user. I m waiting for the Mac and iPad version of Reeder upgrade to support Feedbin as well, thanks for release the iPhone version for free, so far I really like it.

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