SEOmoz pro $1 offer

I just got an eamil from SEOmoz yesterday, they are having a promotion right now, their pro account will be just $1 for the first month after that it will be back to the normal price $79. I believe if you are into SEO, you should heard about SEOmoz before, so this is a good chance to let you access their content/tools and understand what they provide can boost your traffic or not, in stead of just waste a $79 to try out now you can just get it for $1 with the Promo code – SUCCESS09. Yes i have sign up this already , it say only for the first 5000 user and will be end on 13th feb 2009.


So what’s the catch ? if you read clearly when you place the order, the subscription is AUTO RENEW with normal price , so if you just plan to access it just for a month, remember to cancel your subscription on time, else you might be forget it and it will continue charging.On a side note i can’t really find the subscription expiry date on the account page, hmmmm part of themarketing gimmicks ?

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