A lot like love

Just watched A lot like love , its been long time since i watch this kind of romantic show , after i come back just before i start to blog, this post came in my mind.

this is quite a nice show, i wonder why not much people talking about it, i was struggle to choose either Initial D or this show before i go to cinema, at last i think is too many people watch Initial D and choose A lot like love.

the whole show is about Oliver and Emily and their 7 year relationship .. its like friend and its like more then friend but yet enough to be couple, at first Emily think that

  • Strike 1 Emily take the first move
  • Strike 2 Oliver don’t know how to play guitar
  • Strike 3 Oliver have a bad horoscope

but at the end, they do solve all these issue … ( not confrim with the strike 3)

it is a fun and heartwarming show .., it also seem like telling me, you can’t plan your life, what you having now is your life .. hmmmm … 7.5 star out of 10 star for this show 

this is what i like , quote from the site

It takes seven year for Oliver and Emily to figure out maybe what they really have is .. a lot like love


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