Day5 In Taiwan

Althought a bit late, but i have to complete this ..

my last day in taiwan, early in the morning after the breakfast, my friend bring me to the Hot Spring Museum, i skip most of the history place in taiwan, but i feel like visit this place, basiclly the whole museum mention about history of taiwan hot spring, how the hot spring process, and the history of hot spring place. I saw from the history that japan soldier which injured like hot spring, maybe the hot spring can help them recover faster ?

after this we went home take some rest till afternoon, we went to the Dan Shui (æ·¡æ°´) another famous place in taipei, the first place we visit is the Fisherman’s Wharf (æ¼?人碼頭), it have a nice bridge with some nice view, too bad the day we went not really good weather, so can’t see a beautiful sunset.

after the Fistherman’s Wharf, we went to the Dan Shui Old Street, which have lots of store beside the street, not only food, there are some fun fair style games available too , quite intersting. after buying few local food, we went to the Shi Lin Night market (士林夜市) for some last minute shopping.

thats my last day in taipei, the next day 5 am i just fly back to singapore …

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